Hidden Home -Part 2

They ran until they reached a cottage. Aravis ran in to greet her family and Philex waited outside and looked around. It was a stone cottage with an arched wooden door right in the center. On either side of the door there was a window that almost reached the ground. Underneath each of the windows there was a rectangular flower pot with pink roses nestled in baby’s breath growing inside. The pink roses trailed up the side of the house and spread beautifully all over the cottage.  The roof was covered in ferns, and on one side a stone chimney protruded into the sky. Large flat stones, surrounded by thick green grass, formed a walkway that lead away from the cottage to the dirt path. All the cottages in the village were built to suit the needs and personalities of the family that resided in it. It was a small village, ten houses in total. Between the houses there were gardens, bushes, and an occasional tree. Surrounding the  the village was a wall of trees on one side, and a river on the other. The dirt path led to fields the villagers were growing. Often villagers would go out to hunt, game was plenty and rarely did a mouse go hungry. “Come inside, meet my family!” Aravis shouted and Philex went in to meet everyone. The house was just as charming on the inside as on the outside. A warm fire was going in the fireplace with a pot of boiling soup for supper. A wooden table was set for five mice. Sitting in a rocking chair was Aravis’s father, Uriah. Beside him, stirring soup was her Mother, Hannah. They were both chubby mice with thankful smiles on their faces. Donny, her little brother, was playing with a ladybug on the floor. “Her name is Red,” he told Philex, “she’s my pet.” After supper Aravis, Philex, and Donny went for a walk. Everyone came out to hug and greet Aravis and to ask who the strange new mouse was. The little mice brought them flowers, and the grandmothers of the village invited them in for “a small bite of dessert.” They sat and chatted with them each for a little while. Telling the story of how Aravis unexpectedly was pounced on by a wandering rat and her his slave. Then how Philex showed her the way out of the rat village. Afterwards they walked down the dirt path to show Philex the fields. Just when they had reached the edge of the village they saw a mouse coming down the path towards them. He was carrying a bow in his left hand, and quiver of arrows on his back. The green hood he wore hid his face in it’s shadows.  “Darien !” Donny shouted “Aravis is home!” Darien ran toward Aravis. “Oh, I’m so glad,” he said as he wrapped her in a warm unexpected hug. Donny, the always helpful little mouse told Philex “That’s my big brother!” The next morning Darien shook Philex awake, and presented him with bow and arrows of his own. “Come, I’m going to teach you how to hunt.” He whispered.

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